Better Service, By Design

CREATING A MORE BEAUTIFUL WORLD THROUGH SERVICE There might never be a better reason to pack your bags this summer. The 102nd annual Lions Clubs International Convention will be held in Milan, Italy—located in the heart of Europe where everything, it seems, is within arm’s reach. July 5-9, 2019, Lions will be converging on the […]

Celebrate the Art of Service in Milan

Hello, Lions! When I think of Italy I think of great food, beautiful landscapes, and a rich diversity of friendly people. This year, Italian Lions—more than 1,300 clubs and 40,000 members strong—are opening their doors to the global Lion community in July, and I hope you will consider joining me there. Milan, in particular, has […]

By the Numbers – Feb 2019

“They let me know that blindness is just an inconvenience. It’s not the end of the world.” —Barry Carver of the Texas non-profit Computers for the Blind. “I was quite surprised when I took that A1C test and found out I was prediabetic.” — Lion Patty Worden, of the Elmhurst Lions Club in Illinois. “Being […]

Getting Personal for a Good Cause

The members of the Lions Club of Dar es Salaam Tanzanites have decided it’s time to come out with their story. In the small Tanzanian city, where everyone knows everyone, there is still a social stigma about health conditions like diabetes. But the Dar es Salaam Lions know that being aware of the early signs […]

Beyond the Cane

Accessible computers open up a whole new world for the blind Barry Carver will be the first to say he was just wasting time. He spent his days listening to audio books, had nowhere to go, and no hope for his future. But then the box from Computers for the Blind (CFTB) was delivered to […]

‘Dogumentary’ Showcases Puppy Raisers

The King City Lions Club in Oregon welcomed a celebrity to one of their meetings: Potomac, a guide dog in training. Filmmakers were documenting his progress and the training of four other Labradors from Guide Dogs for the Blind, based in San Rafael, California. Potomac, lively and friendly, charmed the Lions, and the club declared […]

Executive Summary – Feb 2019

INTERNATIONAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING Ojai, California, USA October 14-17, 2018 AUDIT COMMITTEE The committee will continue to monitor and follow up on action plans. CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS COMMITTEE Reviewed a constitutional complaint filed by the Multiple District E (Venezuela) Council of Governors, challenging a decision of the International Board of Directors when it transferred […]

Diabetes: Lions Take on a Global Epidemic

  Diabetes: Lions Take on a Global Epidemic It’s an easy, 12-minute drive from Len Dompke’s suburban Chicago home to the local hospital. Yet, the first time Dompke made the drive, it was one of the hardest of his life. Making this drive meant recognizing and changing some unhealthy habits, which was not going to […]

Club News – Feb 2019

The final service the Tieton Lions in Washington performed before disbanding was to leave the Highland School District a legacy. The Lions donated an 8-by-12-foot American rollup flag to the school in honor of Harold and Pat Hambelton, longtime supporters of youth in the community. In Quebec, Canada, the Knowlton Lions contributed CA$3,000 from their […]

Voting Information

Voting at 2019 International Convention Voting for Executive Officers and International Directors Every Lions club in good standing can participate in the election of executive officers and international directors and can vote on amendments to the association’s bylaws by assigning delegates to represent the club at the international convention. At the International Convention certification and […]

Anniversaries – Feb 2019

100 Years: Okmulgee, Okla. 95 Years: St. John, Kan.; Christopher, Ill.; Utica, N.Y.; Ashland, Ky.; Biloxi, Miss.; Tampa Downtown, Fla.; Nevada, Mo.; Eugene Downtown, Ore.; Gunnison Valley, Utah; Harrison, Ark.; Venice Marina Lax, Calif. 90 Years: Junction City, Ore.; La Grange, Ga.; Greenwood, S.C.; Fremont, Ohio; Angola, Ind.; Walla Walla Downtown, Wa.; Mount Vernon, Wa.; […]

Parting Shot – Feb 2019

Cowboys, Rockstars, and Hippies, oh My! It wasn’t just the children who enjoyed the Jackson Lions’ annual Halloween parade in California, where more than 1,000 ghosts, goblins, super heroes, princesses and more joined in.

Children Express Love, Peace, and Harmony through Art

Every year the love for the Menlo Park Lions’ Valentine’s Day activity grows. This year, for the fifth February in a row, the Lions in New Jersey are hosting their Love, Peace and Harmony art contest, giving young artists the chance to show their skills and express their support for love and peace. More than […]