Mending the Social Fabric

Across the country people of low socioeconomic status live shorter, sicker lives. But it isn’t that poor people have worse habits than healthy people. It’s that we’ve created environments that are so stressful it alters their genetic code.

KidSight Program Expands to Change Lives in Colombia

Esteban had never had his vision screened before. He had never seen those strange devices, but the Lions who brought them made him feel safe. He and his schoolmates lined up for vision testing, then followed the simple instructions: Look straight ahead and find the little bunny on the front of the machine. Esteban’s world […]

Executive Summary – Oct 2019

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY INTERNATIONAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING Milan, Italy June 30-July 4, 2019 AUDIT COMMITTEE The committee will continue to monitor and follow up on action plans. CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS COMMITTEE Denied a district governor election complaint filed in District 112-C (Belgium) and declared a vacancy in the office of district governor for the 2019-2020 […]

Anniversaries – Oct 2019

OCTOBER 2019 100 Years: Springfield, Ill.; Marquette, Mich. 95 Years: Richmond Noon, Ind.; Hays, Kan.; Tillsonburg, Ontario, CAN; Marietta Noon, Ohio; Montclair, N.J.; Bloomfield, N.J. 90 Years: Spencer, Ind.; Wakita, Okla.; Odon, Ind.; Ridgewood-Glendale-Middle, N.Y.; Northwood, Iowa; Plainview, Texas; Wellsboro, Pa.; Thurmont, Md.; Ravenswood, W.V.; Haleyville, Ala. 85 Years: Mount Desert Island, Maine; Huntington, N.Y.; […]

Club News – Oct 2019

In Missouri, members of the Mound City Lions Club used the District 26-M4 disaster response trailer to assist with the cleanup of flooded apartments in the spring. In New Jersey, the Fanwood Lions thank their community for 70 years of support, allowing Lions to help the blind through their White Cane Drive, and to support […]

Campaign 100 Is Supporting New Opportunities for Lions

Communities around the world are in great need, facing challenges that seem to grow and multiply. Nevertheless, Lions work tirelessly – whether it is reaching out to neighbors across town or across borders – to create lasting positive change. Thanks to grants from LCIF, Lions receive the support they need to take on some of […]

Lions Can Fill the Gaps

 Greetings, Lions. Regardless of where you live, the change of the seasons comes with certain rituals. For many of us, those rituals involve food. Whether it’s the smell of your grandmother’s soup or your neighbor’s hot dogs on the grill, the smells of the season fill you with warm memories. But that may not be […]

Fashioned for Service

LIONS STEP OUT IN MILAN FOR THE 102ND INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION It was time to gather, and even a record-setting heat wave couldn’t wilt the Lion spirit. For five days, Lions convened, met new friends and old, shared ideas, and served. They listened to speakers with inspiring stories and watched as another new International President took […]

Growing in the Dark

Lion Floyd Poruban proves life flourishes in all kinds of conditions “WELL , HOW DID YOU DO IT ?” “It’s easy,” Floyd Poruban said to his doubting professor. “One has a sticky flower and one has a dry flower.” A horticulture student at The Ohio State University (OSU), Poruban had been assigned to distinguish between […]

What childhood hunger taught me about generosity

What childhood hunger taught me about generosity I was five years old when my mom took off with me to the coast. She said she needed a do-over. We were starting fresh, with no belongings, no toys, no furniture. She said we had empty hands so that we could catch new blessings. We also had […]

Blood Sugar on the Brain

LION DR. MARCO SONGINI INVESTIGATES THE CONNECTION BETWEEN DIABETES AND BRAIN HEALTH When we talk about diabetes, we typically talk about two versions of the condition: Type 1 or Type 2. It’s important to distinguish between the two, because the type determines the treatment. But what if there’s a new type of diabetes — one […]

Summer of Lunches

On a hot July morning in the Allegheny Mountains, 15 volunteers are busy in a church kitchen, slicing cucumbers, washing apples, making and bagging and counting sandwiches – a labor of love that’s only complete when 200 healthy sack lunches have been handed one-on-one to the kids in their community. But even then the job’s […]

Lions See a Need in Virginia

In Williamsburg, Virginia, patients in need of eye care were often just that: in need. Without an eye clinic in town, they were referred to local practices, and because many of the people do not have their own transportation, the no-show rate for referrals was high. Patients had to wait several weeks to a few […]

By the Numbers – Oct 2020

“ It’s not rocket science. We know what to do. There just needs to be the will to do it.” —Dr. Tony Iton, on how to improve overall health for everyone. “There’s an inherent distrust for [the disabled]. I ran into it in college and I ran into it when I was building my house.” […]

Eyes to the Future

Eyes to the Future Lions listen to a young volunteer as they wait to board their Memorial Day float. The Lions Clubs of Washington D.C., Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia have participated in the National Memorial Day Parade in Washington, D.C. for the past 11 years. More than 150 local clubs march with the float. From […]

Steam Team Revives Lost Loco

It took the advanced engineering skills of dozens of volunteers and more than 30 years of meticulous work, but the restoration of an old steam locomotive train is now complete, thanks in big part to Lions in Renwick, New Zealand. Restoration began with a collection of steam train enthusiasts, retired engineers, and Lions. They called […]

Aw Shucks

In Iowa, the U.S. corn capital where farmers grow more than 2.5 billion bushels of corn each summer, the Clear Lake Evening Lions have found it best to stick to what folks in the heartland know and love. Popcorn and sweet corn are the tickets to their growing club’s financial success. Popcorn sales come via […]

Disconnect: The Tech Addiction Challenge

Lions in Italy have decided to see for themselves exactly how addicted to technology their kids are. The Lions of District 108 TB designed an experiment with more than 500 young people from the Modena, Italy, region, challenging them to go three days without using their mobile phones. It was not the goal to demonize […]