By the Numbers – Feb 2019

“They let me know that blindness is just an inconvenience. It’s not the end of the world.” —Barry Carver of the Texas non-profit Computers for the Blind. “I was quite surprised when I took that A1C test and found out I was prediabetic.” — Lion Patty Worden, of the Elmhurst Lions Club in Illinois. “Being […]

By the Numbers – March 2019

“It’s only when we acknowledge the fact that we’re part of the environment that we can begin to discover what needs to change.” —Donald Pease, professor of American literature and Dr. Seuss biographer at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. “My life goes straight. Then it’s full of ups and downs but sooner or later, it’s […]

By the Numbers – April 2019

“We want to make sure there is not one day that children go to sleep with hunger, and not one day that children go to school with an empty stomach.”—Past District Governor Ruth Chua, president of the Manila Amity Lions Club, in the Philippines. “With a child in a wheelchair, the other children will say […]

By the Numbers – May 2019

“I love it here. I could live here another 20 years. I love it.” —Lion Anny Cochrane, Bethel Lions Club, on living in Bethel, Alaska. “New members and diversity bring new, fresh ideas as well as provide those extra hands needed to accomplish more service projects.” — Lions Clubs International Third Vice President Brian Sheehan, […]

By the Numbers – June 2019

“The cast of characters changes over time, and you have to keep building the bonds of the alliance to continue.” —Nancy Messmer, Clallam Bay Sekiu Lions Club in Washington on maintaining vital partnerships. “The most important reason [I did this run] is to encourage people to run, no matter what disability or ability level. No […]

By the Numbers – July 2019

“I wanted a bright future along with other children. And if they only work in the field, the future wouldn’t be bright” —PDG Rajen Thapa, on why he made it his mission to convince parents in his Nepalese town to send their children to school. “The club president is the most crucial leadership position. We […]

By the Numbers – Sept 2019

“Please pick up your toys.” A phrase 6-year-old Skye-Nohea Mizner can now hear and respond to, thanks to Lions.” “The audience was shocked and surprised.” Lion Khodr Farhat, of the Detroit Lions Club, on walking down a fashion runway. ” “A fourth grader can begin to understand stewardship.” Debra Ersch, the founder and president of […]

By the Numbers – Oct 2020

“ It’s not rocket science. We know what to do. There just needs to be the will to do it.” —Dr. Tony Iton, on how to improve overall health for everyone. “There’s an inherent distrust for [the disabled]. I ran into it in college and I ran into it when I was building my house.” […]

By the Numbers – Dec 2019

“It’s the great equalizer. It’s very freeing to be on top of a horse.”—Allie Chase, of the Kettle Moraine Equine Lions Club on learning to ride. “We’ve got a lot of people with chainsaws.”—Casey O’Dell, President of the Camas Lions Club in Washougal, Washington. “That’s just how real life is. Mia is not going to […]

By the Numbers – Jan 2020

“The look on the neighboring Lions club members’ faces when they realized this snowmobile was the one from their pond was priceless.” —Willie Brown, of the Russell and Area Lions Club in Manitoba, Canada, on how they acquired goods for their fundraising auction. “This is the key age as I see it. You need to […]