Lions Celebrate 20 Years of SightFirst in Madagascar

Cataracts are the number one cause of blindness. Moved to change the reality for those affected, more than 20 years ago, Lions in Madagascar started a SightFirst project to address the issue. Since then, the Lions have gone on to do so much more. “When we see the smiles of the people we help, it […]

LCIF Eases a Heavy Burden in Tanzania

Imagine trekking across the savannah with your child in the blistering sun to collect water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and farming. For you, the three-mile journey is grueling, but standard practice. For your 5-year-old daughter, it’s an exhausting trip that brings sweat to her tiny forehead and introduces the challenges of living in a water-stressed […]

Sight for Kids, a Powerful Partnership

Sight for Kids, a Powerful Partnership Ben was 3 years old. He should have felt happy, inquisitive, and brave. Instead, he always seemed to have an angry expression on his face. He rarely smiled. In addition, he had delayed motor skills and difficulty walking; he would frequently run into things. He was frustrated and expressed […]

LCI Forward Update

The world is moving forward and so is LCI. Five years ago LCI announced the strategic plan to serve 200 million people annually by focusing our efforts in areas we felt would best get us to that goal. It’s amazing what we’ve done so far. Over the past four years Lions have participated in LCI […]

Lions Give Supplies and Smiles to Children in Need

Lions Give Supplies and Smiles to Children in Need with the Help of a District & Club Community Impact Grant (DCG) Growing up without parents is hard enough. But it’s even worse when an orphanage is not able to provide everything children need to be happy and healthy. Despite loving and nurturing caretakers, in less […]

KidSight Program Expands to Change Lives in Colombia

Esteban had never had his vision screened before. He had never seen those strange devices, but the Lions who brought them made him feel safe. He and his schoolmates lined up for vision testing, then followed the simple instructions: Look straight ahead and find the little bunny on the front of the machine. Esteban’s world […]

Campaign 100 Is Supporting New Opportunities for Lions

Communities around the world are in great need, facing challenges that seem to grow and multiply. Nevertheless, Lions work tirelessly – whether it is reaching out to neighbors across town or across borders – to create lasting positive change. Thanks to grants from LCIF, Lions receive the support they need to take on some of […]

SightFirst Gives New Life to People in Burkina Faso

SightFirst Gives New Life to People in Burkina Faso LCIF’s SightFirst program has been restoring and protecting sight for almost 30 years and is now present in 102 countries. This extraordinary program develops comprehensive eye care systems providing aid to underserved populations by developing comprehensive eye care systems. Projects include training eye care professionals and […]

Clearing Clouded Vision in Vanuatu

Clerence has battled diabetes since she was a baby. Unable to afford medical care, she developed cataracts which seriously impaired her vision. She lives in the gorgeous archipelago nation of Vanuatu, home to lush rainforests, soft sand beaches, and surrounded by turquoise water; however, the 23-year-old woman could no longer see its beauty. In Clerence’s […]

A Blueberry Orchard for Generations

An Empty Space Next door to the Albany Victory Gardens in Albany, New York, were unsightly, deserted lots. There were homes on the land that were previously declared uninhabitable, so they sat empty, dangerous, and unbeneficial to the environment. Lion Gregory Sheldon envisioned a better use for this land. He partnered with Albany Victory Gardens, […]

More Than One Way To Serve

Stories from LCIF’s 2017-2018 Annual Report Lions are doers. There is so much to be done in the world. And the physical act of helping can feel so good—hammering a nail in the frame of a new house for a tornado victim, ladling soup for a hungry child, or ushering a grandmother to her first […]

When Seeing Clearly is a Luxury, Lions Create Change

In underserved areas of Utah, USA, eye care can be inaccessible and unaffordable. Lions, who care deeply about the welfare of their community, recognize the large number of children going without eye care and are working to provide the care they need.

Relief from the Comfort of Home

Learning that your child has cancer is unfathomable. It is a moment you will surely never forget, sitting in the doctor’s office, trying to understand the words coming from the doctor, feeling as if the world around you is crashing. It is easy to let your mind think the worst, especially in areas of the […]

Students in Anchorage Develop Life Skills Through Lions Quest

Anchorage School District has been a nationwide leader in SEL programming for many years, but was searching for one unified program to implement across their middle schools. Lions recognized a unique opportunity; through their own network, they had connections with district leadership, and through LCIF, they had access to both funding and a proven SEL program.

LCIF Special Feature

Hello Fellow Lion. I am excited about this Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) feature, highlighting valuable grant information, appreciation from beneficiaries touched by LCIF and Lions, a milestone celebration of SightFirst, Campaign 100 resources, exciting Lions Quest changes, and more! In exploring your foundation, I am confident you will gain new perspective and an inspired […]

Lions Quest Helps Students Adjust to Changes Caused by COVID-19

It should be no surprise that COVID-19 is affecting today’s children and their education. Adjusting to online learning, adapting to a new way of life, and learning about an uncertain and seemingly ever-changing virus is giving children a level of stress they may have never known before. Though life can be a little scary these […]

Improving Vision and Well-Being in Palestine

In the State of Palestine, lack of eye care, often attributed to poverty and restricted access to health services, has caused undue personal and financial hardship. Lions see the hurt this causes their communities and with support from LCIF’s SightFirst program, they are changing that reality. Determined to improve community health and well-being, Lions are […]

Lions Quest Helps Children Cope with Pandemic

COVID-19. Mention the virus, and thoughts of fighting off physical illness come to mind. Yet there is another side of the global pandemic that’s taking a different troubling toll — a toll on young people’s mental well-being. Childhood can be challenging under the best of circumstances, and today, quarantines, thoughts of serious sickness, and losing […]

Uncovering a Bright, New World for the People in Liberia

Receiving eye care in Liberia can be difficult. There are only six ophthalmologists in the entire country, all working in the capital of Monrovia. Only two of the ophthalmologists regularly perform cataract surgery. As cataracts are the main cause of blindness (60 percent) and severe visual impairment (62 percent) in Liberia, this shortage is causing […]

O Canada! We Stand on Guard for Thee

With support from Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF), brave and compassionate Lions across the world have banded together to help communities safely navigate the COVID-19 pandemic. Southern Ontario, Canada Lions are no exception. True to the lyrics of their country’s national anthem, District A-3 Lions have stood “on guard for thee,” helping protect dedicated frontline […]

2019-2020 LCIF Annual Report

At the outset of my term as chairperson of Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF), I imagined the day I would write this message, reflecting on global progress made possible by LCIF during the year. What I never imagined is how incredibly full my heart would be today. In a year like none before, I was […]

LCIF Helps Save Lives in IP Alexander’s Beloved Home Community

Desperate need. That’s one way to describe the situation in Brooklyn, New York’s Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood, which happens to be home to International President Douglas Alexander. Historically a disadvantaged neighborhood, Bed-Stuy, as it’s known to locals, needed an ambulance, residents often waiting 45 minutes for help to arrive. With demand outpacing resources, people were dying. Eager […]

LCIF Grant Funds Life-Saving Cancer Research in Australia

Gloom and rain don’t keep 13-year-old Jack from fishing with his grandfathers. What would have stopped him just a few years ago was aggressive cancer doctors weren’t sure he’d survive. Jack’s first bout with cancer was a brain tumor. With surgery removing the growth, Jack’s cancer was eradicated. Just 18 months later, however, cancer returned, […]

The Fall from Heaven

To many, Australia is heaven on Earth. North to south, the massive country offers diverse and breathtaking landscapes, with lush rainforests in the northeast transforming to majestic mountain ranges in the country’s south. Natural beauty combined with cosmopolitan flair are no doubt among the reasons 26 million people call the Land Down Under home, and […]

Rebuilding Communities in Kerala After Devastating Floods

The people of Kerala, India are accustomed to wet seasons, but 2018’s monsoons brought catastrophic rains and the worst flooding in 100 years. Rising water rushed through communities, destroying everything in its path, including the peaceful way of life for more than one million people. Roads collapsed under the weight of the water, coconut trees […]

Trustee Oswal dedicates life to serving from the heart

More than 30 years ago, Trustee Aruna Abhey Oswal joined her local Lions club in Mumbai, India. As a humanitarian and changemaker, she wanted to expand her service globally to help create a better world and empower others. Early on, Trustee Oswal established herself as a trailblazer within the Lions Clubs by becoming the first […]

Providing compassionate care and comfort at the end of life

Imagine someone you love is very sick and needs a comfortable space to feel cared for and manage his or her pain at the end of life. Hospice care helps loved ones when treatment can no longer cure or control a disease. An interdisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, social workers, chaplains, and volunteers work to […]

Two Decades of Helping the World See Clearly

Five-year-old Breisy struggled to recognize letters and objects at school. Thanks to support from the Sight For Kids program, a program co-founded by the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) and Johnson & Johnson Vision, Breisy enjoys a new pair of glasses and—now—she finally sees clearly. Maria, Breisy’s mother, described her daughter’s free vision screening and […]

The World Needs Lions

Changing the world. It’s why the Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF)—a global foundation—empowered service through its most ambitious fundraising campaign in its history. June 30, 2022, officially marked the end of Campaign 100: LCIF Empowering Service. Thanks to support from Lions, Leos, partners, and other donor support, Campaign 100 is completed and Lions and Leos […]

More than a memory: ‘Mayfield strong’

On an abnormally warm December night in the United States, a series of devastating tornadoes whipped through dozens of communities in the states of Kentucky, Arkansas, Missouri, Tennessee, Illinois, and Indiana. The tornadoes ripped through homes and businesses, pulled powerlines straight from the ground, and spread debris miles around—leaving destruction in their wake. “It looked […]

Wishing Big for Childhood Cancer Patients

When Finley Holland was eight months old, a doctor discovered a tumor in her cheek. Her parents, Lions Tony and Stacy, began the grim routine so many families face when their children are sick. Appointment after appointment, they struggled to keep Finley entertained and distracted before an uncomfortable procedure or needle prink. They found games […]

A Smile for Sight

Sight is one of our most valuable senses. It allows us to connect with the moments in life and with each other. After a premature birth, twins Kaya and Alime were both diagnosed with an eye disease called retinopathy of prematurity, and they needed treatment to protect their sight and prevent blindness. Their parents, Ibrahim […]

Kindness is Contagious

In Indonesia, more than 19 million people between the ages of 20 to 70 live with diabetes, according to the International Diabetes Federation. More than 70 percent of those people are undiagnosed. Some of the consequences for living with undiagnosed and unmanaged diabetes include blindness, kidney failure, amputations, nerve damage, and heart disease. Lions across […]

Helping Provide Safety and Education to Girls in Kenya

Located in a remote area of Kenya, the Ilkeek Aare Primary and Boarding School serves the semi-nomadic Maasai children in the region. As the lifestyle of these children’s families required perpetual moving around following the grazing grounds of their cattle, many of the Maasai children previously did not graduate from school. Thanks to a LCIF […]

The Power of Sustainability

Enel North America embarked on a new environmental partnership with Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) to help make communities healthy and sustainable and protect our planet. As a leading developer and long-term owner and operator of renewable energy projects in North America, Enel and its more than 1,500 employees are dedicated to helping protect and […]

Helping Youth in Ecuador

In Quito, Ecuador, Lions Clubs International Foundation’s Lions Quest program helps provide a sense of community and belonging to youth at the Colegio Aleman Quito school. Implemented in 110 countries, Lions Quest offers a comprehensive and coordinated approach to prevention in schools, and helps teachers develop the skills to prevent risky behaviors in children while […]

A Second Home

For many students in Brazil, the school for the deaf in Medianeira has become synonymous with hope. And they are willing to travel across their vast country to be in a place that feels, as one student put it, like their “second home.” Unfortunately, people with deafness and other hearing disabilities often struggle to access […]

Lions Respond to ‘Disaster of the Century’ With LCIF Support

“Turkey is going through the most difficult days in its history,” says Past Council Chairperson Danyal Kubin, the disaster relief committee chairperson for MD 118 who is mobilizing Lions’ disaster relief efforts following the February 2023 earthquake and aftershocks that struck Turkey and Syria. Kubin is a structural engineer and seismic expert. He says this […]

Partnerships with Purpose

“When you remove a cataract, people who have not seen their children in years, suddenly see them. It is amazing to witness,” Past District Governor Sedrace Rwekikiya shared, while standing under the thick shade of the tree canopy just outside St. Francis Nsambya Hospital in Kampala, Uganda. As she continued to speak about the incredible […]

Resilience Unveiled: Lions’ Response to Tonga’s Submarine Volcano Disaster

In late 2021, a massive submarine volcano erupted in Tonga, unleashing a catastrophic event. The eruption left a trail of destruction in its wake, with boats destroyed, neighborhoods covered in ash, and entire islands submerged. To make matters worse, an undersea cable became disconnected during the storm, leaving the true extent of the damage unknown […]

Rebuilding Nepal: LCIF Funds Over US$4.7 Million in Grants to Respond to the Gorkha Earthquake

On April 25, 2015, a devastating earthquake in Nepal, known as the Gorkha earthquake, took the lives of nearly 9,000 people, injured almost 23,000, and destroyed about 500,000 homes. This was Nepal’s worst natural disaster since 1934. Flattening entire villages, hundreds of thousands of Nepalese became homeless within moments. Many aftershocks occurred which led most […]

Rising from the Rubble: Morocco’s Road to Recovery after the 2023 Earthquake

On September 8, 2023, a powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.8 struck Morocco. The epicenter was in the High Atlas Mountains, 71 kilometers (44 miles) southwest of Marrakesh. This was the largest earthquake to hit the country in more than 100 years. Homes, schools, hospitals and other medical and educational facilities were destroyed. The United Nations […]

Unthinkable Journeys — Serving Families with Childhood Cancer

According to World Health Organization, over 1,000 children are diagnosed with cancer every day. While childhood cancer can be treatable, the outcome often depends on the child’s access to the proper resources and healthcare. Nonetheless, it is a devastating journey for families.  Since cancer impacts many children and their families, Lions all over the world […]

Vision for Change: Addressing Eye Health Challenges

In Pakistan, there are 570,000 adults grappling with blindness due to cataracts. This is the most common cause of avoidable blindness in the country with 51.5% of the blind community burdened with it. Additionally, 11.77% of citizens in Pakistan have type 2 diabetes mellitus, with 29% of those people experiencing diabetic retinopathy (DR), an eye […]

Riversyde 83: Easing Food Insecurity with Support from LCIF

Being able to fully grasp how deeply hunger affects lives can be difficult if you have not faced it yourself. Almost 1 billion people worldwide experience food insecurity and in Haldimand and Norfolk County, Canada, one in nine households are food insecure due to poverty.  Addressing the issue of hunger, however, is not just about […]

The Serenity Suite: A Haven for Healing Hearts

Losing an infant during, or before, birth is a devastating and traumatic experience. Until now, there were not suitable facilities in South Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire, England, for the mothers and families who were experiencing this loss. They had to say goodbye to their babies in a busy labor ward, hearing other families celebrating the […]

Expanding Camp Sweet Life: The Type 1 Diabetes Camp for Youth

Surrounded by beautiful trees and a glimmering lake, Camp Sweet Life’s idyllic location in southern Minnesota echoes the message of empowerment its counselors offer students with type 1 diabetes.   Living with diabetes as a child can be challenging. It requires constant monitoring and a level of responsibility that may feel overwhelming for someone so young. […]