Rebuilding Nepal: LCIF Funds Over US$4.7 Million in Grants to Respond to the Gorkha Earthquake

On April 25, 2015, a devastating earthquake in Nepal, known as the Gorkha earthquake, took the lives of nearly 9,000 people, injured almost 23,000, and destroyed about 500,000 homes. This was Nepal’s worst natural disaster since 1934. Flattening entire villages, hundreds of thousands of Nepalese became homeless within moments. Many aftershocks occurred which led most […]

Rising from the Rubble: Morocco’s Road to Recovery after the 2023 Earthquake

On September 8, 2023, a powerful earthquake of magnitude 6.8 struck Morocco. The epicenter was in the High Atlas Mountains, 71 kilometers (44 miles) southwest of Marrakesh. This was the largest earthquake to hit the country in more than 100 years. Homes, schools, hospitals and other medical and educational facilities were destroyed. The United Nations […]

Unthinkable Journeys — Serving Families with Childhood Cancer

According to World Health Organization, over 1,000 children are diagnosed with cancer every day. While childhood cancer can be treatable, the outcome often depends on the child’s access to the proper resources and healthcare. Nonetheless, it is a devastating journey for families.  Since cancer impacts many children and their families, Lions all over the world […]

Vision for Change: Addressing Eye Health Challenges

In Pakistan, there are 570,000 adults grappling with blindness due to cataracts. This is the most common cause of avoidable blindness in the country with 51.5% of the blind community burdened with it. Additionally, 11.77% of citizens in Pakistan have type 2 diabetes mellitus, with 29% of those people experiencing diabetic retinopathy (DR), an eye […]

Riversyde 83: Easing Food Insecurity with Support from LCIF

Being able to fully grasp how deeply hunger affects lives can be difficult if you have not faced it yourself. Almost 1 billion people worldwide experience food insecurity and in Haldimand and Norfolk County, Canada, one in nine households are food insecure due to poverty.  Addressing the issue of hunger, however, is not just about […]

The Serenity Suite: A Haven for Healing Hearts

Losing an infant during, or before, birth is a devastating and traumatic experience. Until now, there were not suitable facilities in South Yorkshire and North Nottinghamshire, England, for the mothers and families who were experiencing this loss. They had to say goodbye to their babies in a busy labor ward, hearing other families celebrating the […]

Clean Water Year Round

The village of Barão de Guaicuí, located in Gouveia, a neighboring municipality of Diamantina, Minas Gerais, Brazil, is a place of scenic beauty with waterfalls and mountains that attract visitors for hiking and outdoor sports. In 2013, the water source supplying the area was nearly dry during the time of greatest need. Village residents approached […]

A Fresh Start

In New Jersey, the Edison Visionary Lions Club has been busy putting out welcome mats for their new neighbors, two refugee families from Afghanistan. They are the first club to participate in Lions International’s new service opportunity, Engage to Change, a pilot program co-sponsored by Welcome.US that helps clubs partner directly with a local resettlement […]

Off the Grid

After a week at Lions’ Licola Wilderness Village in the high country of Victoria, Australia, campers go home with more than increased confidence and fun memories with new friends. They also take with them a feeling of pride from living off the grid and helping the environment. But that wasn’t always the case. The township […]

Uncovering a Legacy

Elmo Kelley of Fontana, California, never imagined a day of spring cleaning would uncover a bridge from the past that would lead him into his future. Tucked away in storage and preserved in pristine condition was a bright purple and yellow Lions hat adorned with colorful pins — a time capsule of Kelley’s grandfather, Felix […]

Paws of Comfort

Driving through North Attleboro, Massachusetts, Deborah Horner, district governor for District 33-S, came to a stop when she spotted a young woman training a dog. “I pulled into her yard and I said, ‘Hey, are you a dog trainer?’” recalls Horner. “She said ‘yes’ and I gave her the spiel about Lions.” That spiel was […]

Princess Power

The Edgemoor neighborhood of Wilmington, Delaware, is a community challenged by violence, especially due to the prevalence of guns, gangs and drugs — which often enter from the outside. Committed to serving their community, the Bellefonte Lions Club is doing its part to turn the area around. The club’s involvement started with a chess club […]

Breaking Barriers

In the early 1960s, C.W. McClure, the principal of a school for Black children in Eagle Lake, Texas, was in the five-and-dime buying school supplies for his students when the white store owner approached him. “Do any of your students need glasses?” he asked McClure. “I’m an officer in the local Lions club and if […]

Golden Playdates

A friendly visitor is always a welcome sight for those living in retirement homes. But when tiny visitors are strolled in with their rosy cheeks, infectious smiles and bubbly personalities, the residents know they’re in for a special treat. In Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada, the Circle of Life program is bringing seniors and babies together […]

Lions Are on a Mission to Grow.

The world needs Lions like never before. For more than a century, Lions have stepped up in their communities — giving, supporting and serving. Each Lion matters to the people who depend on us. And every club is doing their part to make their communities stronger, healthier and kinder places for all. But as we […]

Rising to the Challenge

As we prepare for a great 2024, Lions remain committed to MISSION 1.5 — our drive to reach 1.5 million members and increase our capacity to serve those who need us. The need to grow is urgent, and I’m genuinely inspired by the way you are rising to meet this challenge. More members will allow […]

Expanding Camp Sweet Life: The Type 1 Diabetes Camp for Youth

Surrounded by beautiful trees and a glimmering lake, Camp Sweet Life’s idyllic location in southern Minnesota echoes the message of empowerment its counselors offer students with type 1 diabetes.   Living with diabetes as a child can be challenging. It requires constant monitoring and a level of responsibility that may feel overwhelming for someone so young. […]

Lion’s Mobility Park: Martensville’s Inclusive Eco-Friendly Playground

Martensville, Saskatchewan, is a thriving city in western Canada that maintains its small-town charm. Recognizing the evolving needs of community members facing mobility challenges, Lions embarked on a mission to create an environmentally friendly playground that is inclusive for disabled children in the community. Lions of District 5 SKN displayed a tireless work ethic holding […]

Enhancing Care: Upgrading the Pediatric Oncology Ward at Regina Margherita Children’s Hospital

The Pediatric Oncology Ward at the Regina Margherita Children’s Hospital in Turin, Italy, has been providing care to children with serious illnesses for over 50 years. The ward includes a Stem-Cell Transplant Unit that has been saving young lives since 1989. Bone-marrow transplants, also known as stem-cell transplants, are commonly used to treat certain types […]