For many Lions, the yellow vest has come to represent more than a colorful piece of attire. The Lions I interviewed spoke of the vest serving as both an international identifier and a beacon for community service. When asked, “What does the vest mean to you?” one of the most common responses given was simply: […]

The Psychology of Helping

When a photo appeared in September 2015 of a three-year old Syrian boy who drowned while trying to reach Europe with his family, the world seemed to momentarily open its eyes to a refugee crisis that had been quietly building for years. The boy’s name was Alan Kurdi, and in the wake of his death […]

Better Service, By Design

CREATING A MORE BEAUTIFUL WORLD THROUGH SERVICE There might never be a better reason to pack your bags this summer. The 102nd annual Lions Clubs International Convention will be held in Milan, Italy—located in the heart of Europe where everything, it seems, is within arm’s reach. July 5-9, 2019, Lions will be converging on the […]

Beyond the Cane

Accessible computers open up a whole new world for the blind Barry Carver will be the first to say he was just wasting time. He spent his days listening to audio books, had nowhere to go, and no hope for his future. But then the box from Computers for the Blind (CFTB) was delivered to […]

‘Dogumentary’ Showcases Puppy Raisers

The King City Lions Club in Oregon welcomed a celebrity to one of their meetings: Potomac, a guide dog in training. Filmmakers were documenting his progress and the training of four other Labradors from Guide Dogs for the Blind, based in San Rafael, California. Potomac, lively and friendly, charmed the Lions, and the club declared […]

Diabetes: Lions Take on a Global Epidemic

  Diabetes: Lions Take on a Global Epidemic It’s an easy, 12-minute drive from Len Dompke’s suburban Chicago home to the local hospital. Yet, the first time Dompke made the drive, it was one of the hardest of his life. Making this drive meant recognizing and changing some unhealthy habits, which was not going to […]

We Speak for the Trees

With more than 1.4 million members, Lions have a powerful voice. And around the world, Lions are using that voice to raise awareness about climate change and mobilize. In 2011, then International President Wing-Kun Tam challenged Lions to plant 1 million trees. They responded by planting 15 million in every inhabited continent and have continued […]

A Quiet Voice

In a poster he created for a literacy class assignment, Mark Barniville shared all about himself, just like the teacher wanted. It was one of those get-to-know-you types of activities for the beginning of the year. He drew a bike, because he liked riding bikes. He advertised his love for steak and pizza, and wrote […]

International Women’s Day

How Lions Celebrate As part of the call to promote gender parity and increase the number of women in leadership positions, Lions Clubs International launched the New Voices Initiative, which is celebrating the contributions of outstanding women in its ranks. On March 8, 2019, Lions will be joining the global conversation about gender parity on […]

Women Lions Walk the Walk

Women Lions Walk the Walk The New Voices Initiative celebrates the extraordinary achievements of and contributions by women in Lions Clubs International. The following four women have been chosen by IP Yngvadottir for their significant accomplishments in the areas of service, growth, leadership, and marketing. As you celebrate these four women, consider the important role […]

Women Are Changing Lions

A growing number of women are taking the lead and Lions’ service has never been stronger In 1987, Lions Clubs International voted to allow women to join the Lions family. And join they did. Today, women are the fastest growing segment of Lions, with more than 425,000 women serving around the world. In Latin America, […]

The Invisibles

A cast of characters deep in Florida’s interior help the unseen to see. “ I struggle with what God wants me to do. Feed the hungry? Clothe the naked? Visit the imprisoned? Is that everybody or only U.S. citizens? ” – Lion Margarita Romo, Dade City Hispanic American Club. Past District Governor Shirley LePage zips […]

A Leo Saved My Life

Neither one of them was supposed to be there that night. Bowling with friends, Garrett Towe, 17, was standing in his lane when he noticed a loud commotion two lanes over. A middle-aged man had collapsed. His body was shaking, and he threw up. “Does anybody know CPR?” someone shouted. The irony of it all […]

Bigger Than Me

Partnerships often mean the difference between a fleeting project and a lasting legacy. Don’t Let this Die People come and go. They change their priorities or get pulled away for one reason or another. They get sick. They get old. At some point, they pass away. It is a hard truth of life. Individuals are […]

A High Note

Sometimes Saving One Life Can Help Change Your Own His father calls him “cheeky and cheerful.” Jayden, 3, also is—in the best sense possible—a mimic of sorts. Often confined to a hospital bed while he battles cancer, he’s accustomed to being helped. But he’s learned to do unto others as has been done for him. […]

Diversity Bridges All Divides

Creating Harmony Through Service With International President Dr. Jung-Yul Choi We Serve all people in all places. Lions are a shining example to the world of the good that can be accomplished by uniting in harmony. We’re known for our strength and ability to help others—and this is only accomplished Through Diversity. Hard work. The […]

A Duty to Give Back

International President Dr. Jung-Yul Choi reveals a life that shaped him to serve. A man becomes a Lion When International President Dr. Jung-Yul Choi was a young businessman, he helped a milk boy who had spilled his day’s deliveries. The boy asked how he would pay Dr. Choi back. “You don’t need to pay me […]

Finding Home

HOW A NEPALESE DIASPORA COMMUNITY IN CALIFORNIA FOUND THEIR ROOTS AGAIN IN LIONS. It was under a banyan tree that it all began. In the town where Rajen Thapa grew up in Eastern Nepal there was no football field, no tennis court, no swimming pool – just the banyan tree. In the evening, after they […]

In Bloom

Daffodil Day Brings Smiles with Spring For 56 years the Cecilton Lions in Maryland have marked the arrival of spring with Operation Daffodil. Their only mission: To make people smile. For the last 20 of those 56 years, Rose Miller and her husband, Cecilton Lion Jack Miller, have headed the project, monitoring the spring weather […]

Golf Ball Rescuers

Four years ago, Justin Hoving posed a question to his “Papa.” “What do you want to do today?” “Well, we could hunt for golf balls,” Sycamore [Illinois] Lion Joe Woodward suggested. And so 7-year-old Justin and his grandfather walked along the fence that separates the Sycamore Park District baseball diamonds from the back nine of […]

Annual Lions-anthem Volunteer Days Support Healthy Communities

Yarn has never served such a worthy purpose. Anthem Associates from southern California teamed up with the Camarillo Amber’s Light Lions Club from Camarillo, California, to make Disney-themed, soft yarn wigs for children with cancer. The Alaska-based non-profit, The Magic Yarn Project, is transforming the way pediatric cancer patients manage hair loss and cope with […]

Keeping Troubled Kids in the Classroom

It was a Tuesday and Jack*, a student at Sycamore Elementary School in Redding, California wasn’t in his classroom. He was clinging upside down to a gate outside the principal’s office, crying and screaming. Jack had been in and out of numerous schools in his short life, but each one had dismissed him because of […]


Lions in Florida help a 6-year-old to hear above the din Skye-Nohea Mizner was barely 3 years old when her mother realized something was wrong. During swimming class in a noisy pool, Marie-Fleur Mizner said, her daughter wasn’t responding correctly to the teacher’s instructions. Afterward, she cried and said she didn’t want to swim anymore. […]

Looking Good and Doing Good

On stage and off, Khodr Farhat makes it all look easy. Reading Braille, navigating with a white cane, challenging ableist assumptions: People who are blind or visually impaired face these and many other obstacles. Add to those “learning English,” “affording college,” and “losing nearly 150 pounds,” and you’ll get a sense of the additional challenges […]

Growing Up Green

  Fourth graders become foresters In the butterfly garden at Wescott Elementary School near Chicago, fourth graders cheered as they planted a 3-foot-tall tree for Arbor Day, gladly crawling on their knees to press dirt around the roots and make it secure. The Norway spruce wasn’t just any tree. Just like the saplings that the […]

Mending the Social Fabric

Across the country people of low socioeconomic status live shorter, sicker lives. But it isn’t that poor people have worse habits than healthy people. It’s that we’ve created environments that are so stressful it alters their genetic code.

Summer of Lunches

On a hot July morning in the Allegheny Mountains, 15 volunteers are busy in a church kitchen, slicing cucumbers, washing apples, making and bagging and counting sandwiches – a labor of love that’s only complete when 200 healthy sack lunches have been handed one-on-one to the kids in their community. But even then the job’s […]

Blood Sugar on the Brain

LION DR. MARCO SONGINI INVESTIGATES THE CONNECTION BETWEEN DIABETES AND BRAIN HEALTH When we talk about diabetes, we typically talk about two versions of the condition: Type 1 or Type 2. It’s important to distinguish between the two, because the type determines the treatment. But what if there’s a new type of diabetes — one […]

What childhood hunger taught me about generosity

What childhood hunger taught me about generosity I was five years old when my mom took off with me to the coast. She said she needed a do-over. We were starting fresh, with no belongings, no toys, no furniture. She said we had empty hands so that we could catch new blessings. We also had […]

Growing in the Dark

Lion Floyd Poruban proves life flourishes in all kinds of conditions “WELL , HOW DID YOU DO IT ?” “It’s easy,” Floyd Poruban said to his doubting professor. “One has a sticky flower and one has a dry flower.” A horticulture student at The Ohio State University (OSU), Poruban had been assigned to distinguish between […]

Fashioned for Service

LIONS STEP OUT IN MILAN FOR THE 102ND INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION It was time to gather, and even a record-setting heat wave couldn’t wilt the Lion spirit. For five days, Lions convened, met new friends and old, shared ideas, and served. They listened to speakers with inspiring stories and watched as another new International President took […]

Horse Power

Enjoy this article from December 2019. It was 2018 and Diane Besson was off to Muskego, Wisconsin, to pick up her eggs from the local CSA (community-sponsored agriculture) she’d joined. As she pulled up to the farm, she noticed a couple of tiny horses in a nearby pen. The only shelter was a small fabric […]

Friendship is Blind

A young boy had just finished watching a movie about Helen Keller with his parents when his mother asked him if he knew anyone who is blind. He said, “No.” “But you go to school with blind children,” she reminded him. “No I don’t,” he said. “We are all the same.” Miami Lion Virginia Jacko […]

Cleanup Crew

The Camas Lions Club in Washougal, Washington, is building community partnerships with the goal of taking on unfulfilled needs in Camas and Washougal. They’re starting by serving those who serve at the beloved Inter-Faith Treasure House. On Saturday, August 17, Lions came together to address several yard work issues at the house, and worked with […]

Your Best Lion Year Ever

2020 – 2021 Being a Lion isn’t only about serving; it’s also about having fun. With new clubs popping up, and old clubs taking a new look at how they Lion, there are all kinds of ways to design a fun and productive year of service. Here’s your guide to your best Lion year ever. […]

This Old House

When this young couple’s dream home wasn’t safe for their son, Lions stepped in – and brought their tool belts. Jay and Veronika McHugh had hundreds of people living around them but knew none of them. Their busy city life in Ottawa, Ontario, left them longing for a tighter knit community where they could own […]

Pride in the Valley

A black sheep leads the quest to make sure everyone is all right. Joyce Bergshoeff is a fast talker. Open and warm, the 48-year-old nurse and mother of three gushes the way proud mothers often do when describing their children. Growing up, her eldest child was “brilliant, very outgoing, a concert cellist.” It is the […]

Kindness Mattered To The Man In The Bow Tie

A tribute to International First Vice President Judge Haynes Townsend In the fall of 2019, the video team at Lions Clubs International headquarters sat down with First Vice President Judge Haynes Townsend to begin capturing footage for his presidential videos. We interviewed the Judge, his family, and those who knew him well. On December 17, […]

Singapore: Lions Converge on the Lion City

June 26 to 30, 2020 Singapore is a place unlike any other. An independent city-state in Southeast Asia that is home to nearly 6 million people, this tiny nation is a vibrant blend of Asian and European cultures that make it the ultimate melting pot. It’s this diversity that makes Singapore the perfect destination for […]

More Than One Way To Serve

Stories from LCIF’s 2017-2018 Annual Report Lions are doers. There is so much to be done in the world. And the physical act of helping can feel so good—hammering a nail in the frame of a new house for a tornado victim, ladling soup for a hungry child, or ushering a grandmother to her first […]

Cycles Help Disabled Feel Freedom on Wheels

Cycles Help Disabled Feel Freedom on Wheels Nearly 40 million Americans live with a disability. If Joe Tarver had his way, all 40 million would be on bicycles. “People need exercise, and there’s no exception,” says Tarver, a member of the Lubbock (Texas) Lions Club. That’s why, for three decades and counting, he, his wife […]

Animatronic Pets Bring Real Joy

It was early August 2018, and Susan Matroni was listening to the evening news from her home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, when she looked up and saw her mother on the television screen. “I don’t usually sit down and watch the news early, but for some reason I turned on the TV and I heard them […]

The Bird Artist

In early spring, sometimes as early as the first cold mornings of March, Jeff Klinefelter will rouse before daybreak and drive out to his pond to get in place before the migrating ducks or other birds light on the water or the woodland edge.

Thriving In The Digital Ecosystem

Scientists are still unsure when, or how exactly, animals took flight. They do know it happened four separate times: in insects, bats, birds, and pterosaurs. Whether gliding from treetops or jumping from the ground, at some point in history animals began flapping their arms. And eventually, they flew.

All Eyes On the North American Membership Initiative

In 1917, Melvin Jones laid the groundwork for what would become an international beacon of kindness and service. In a relatively short time after Lions Clubs International’s founding, the organization grew beyond borders and cultural barriers, gaining members across the world. The organization today has more than 1.4 million members worldwide.

Knights of Prevention & Education

Wakeup call After receiving bad news about eight years ago, Lion Scott Michels was struck by a moment of clarity that changed his life. Michels, who’d been counseling troubled youth in his community of Wilmington, Delaware, had just learned that one of those young people had been arrested again. “I was sitting in my basement, […]

Let’s Celebrate Our Incredible LCI Forward Success

As we entered our second century of service, we had a vision: to increase our humanitarian impact, innovate our service, and position our organization, our global foundation and our clubs for long-term success. We needed a roadmap to successfully guide us into the future and help us reach these goals. LCI Forward became that bold […]

Better Together

When the world’s largest service organization comes together with one of the United States’ largest health benefits companies, good things are bound to happen.

When Seeing Clearly is a Luxury, Lions Create Change

In underserved areas of Utah, USA, eye care can be inaccessible and unaffordable. Lions, who care deeply about the welfare of their community, recognize the large number of children going without eye care and are working to provide the care they need.

Essential Lions

Lions have always known that serving is essential work. But as the global health crisis took hold this spring, many Lions found themselves as newly defined “essential workers.” It’s a surprise to no one that Lions work just as hard to help others on the job as they do on their time off.   Louise […]