Keeping Troubled Kids in the Classroom

It was a Tuesday and Jack*, a student at Sycamore Elementary School in Redding, California wasn’t in his classroom. He was clinging upside down to a gate outside the principal’s office, crying and screaming. Jack had been in and out of numerous schools in his short life, but each one had dismissed him because of […]

To Lead, We Must First Ask How We Can Serve

Greetings Lions! “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” Have you heard this saying? This is supposed to speak to the limits of persuading people to do things that may be good for them. But I see this differently. I say, maybe the horse wasn’t thirsty. Maybe the horse […]

By the Numbers – Sept 2019

“Please pick up your toys.” A phrase 6-year-old Skye-Nohea Mizner can now hear and respond to, thanks to Lions.” “The audience was shocked and surprised.” Lion Khodr Farhat, of the Detroit Lions Club, on walking down a fashion runway. ” “A fourth grader can begin to understand stewardship.” Debra Ersch, the founder and president of […]

Anniversaries – Sept 2019

SEPTEMBER 2019 100 Years: Amarillo Downtown, Texas 95 Years: Belleville, Kan.; Ephraim, Utah; East Liverpool, Ohio; Sudbury, Ontario, CAN 90 Years: Pierceton, Ind.; Holbrook, Ariz.; Panhandle, Texas; Brentwood, Calif.; Caledonia Mumford, N.Y.; Enterprise-Joseph, Ore.; Sauk Rapids, Minn.; Cleveland, Tenn.; Sweetwater, Texas; Shelbyville, Ind.; Henderson, N.C.; Morgan, Utah; Newark, Del.; Groton, Conn.; Webster, Mass. 85 Years: […]

LCI Forward Update

The world is moving forward and so is LCI. Five years ago LCI announced the strategic plan to serve 200 million people annually by focusing our efforts in areas we felt would best get us to that goal. It’s amazing what we’ve done so far. Over the past four years Lions have participated in LCI […]

Back to the Roots

Eight years after a catastrophic Category 5 tornado levelled Irving Elementary in Joplin, Missouri, the school is rebuilt and looking better than ever, thanks to Lions, Leos, and LCIF working together. The Missouri Lions of District M6 and the Carl Junction Leos Club joined forces and went “Back to the Roots” for Earth Day, working […]


Lions in Florida help a 6-year-old to hear above the din Skye-Nohea Mizner was barely 3 years old when her mother realized something was wrong. During swimming class in a noisy pool, Marie-Fleur Mizner said, her daughter wasn’t responding correctly to the teacher’s instructions. Afterward, she cried and said she didn’t want to swim anymore. […]

Looking Good and Doing Good

On stage and off, Khodr Farhat makes it all look easy. Reading Braille, navigating with a white cane, challenging ableist assumptions: People who are blind or visually impaired face these and many other obstacles. Add to those “learning English,” “affording college,” and “losing nearly 150 pounds,” and you’ll get a sense of the additional challenges […]

Growing Up Green

  Fourth graders become foresters In the butterfly garden at Wescott Elementary School near Chicago, fourth graders cheered as they planted a 3-foot-tall tree for Arbor Day, gladly crawling on their knees to press dirt around the roots and make it secure. The Norway spruce wasn’t just any tree. Just like the saplings that the […]

Lions Give Supplies and Smiles to Children in Need

Lions Give Supplies and Smiles to Children in Need with the Help of a District & Club Community Impact Grant (DCG) Growing up without parents is hard enough. But it’s even worse when an orphanage is not able to provide everything children need to be happy and healthy. Despite loving and nurturing caretakers, in less […]

Club News – Sept 2019

The Bristol Lions Club in Connecticut worked with the New England Carousel Museum and Connecticut Radio Information Service to provide an audio tour of the museum’s exhibits for the visually impaired. A cellphone app allows each visitor to take an audio tour of the museum’s collection of hand-carved wooden horses and the historic carousel. Nineteen […]

Playing With Music

At Montezuma Elementary School in rural Iowa every kid gets to be a cool percussionist and there are no wrong notes. Thanks to the Montezuma Lions Club there are nine musical percussion instruments on the school’s playground. Included with the xylophones is a color-coded music book with notes for songs like “Old MacDonald Had a […]