Better Service, By Design

CREATING A MORE BEAUTIFUL WORLD THROUGH SERVICE There might never be a better reason to pack your bags this summer. The 102nd annual Lions Clubs International Convention will be held in Milan, Italy—located in the heart of Europe where everything, it seems, is within arm’s reach. July 5-9, 2019, Lions will be converging on the […]

Celebrate the Art of Service in Milan

Hello, Lions! When I think of Italy I think of great food, beautiful landscapes, and a rich diversity of friendly people. This year, Italian Lions—more than 1,300 clubs and 40,000 members strong—are opening their doors to the global Lion community in July, and I hope you will consider joining me there. Milan, in particular, has […]

By the Numbers – Feb 2019

“They let me know that blindness is just an inconvenience. It’s not the end of the world.” —Barry Carver of the Texas non-profit Computers for the Blind. “I was quite surprised when I took that A1C test and found out I was prediabetic.” — Lion Patty Worden, of the Elmhurst Lions Club in Illinois. “Being […]

Getting Personal for a Good Cause

The members of the Lions Club of Dar es Salaam Tanzanites have decided it’s time to come out with their story. In the small Tanzanian city, where everyone knows everyone, there is still a social stigma about health conditions like diabetes. But the Dar es Salaam Lions know that being aware of the early signs […]

Beyond the Cane

Accessible computers open up a whole new world for the blind Barry Carver will be the first to say he was just wasting time. He spent his days listening to audio books, had nowhere to go, and no hope for his future. But then the box from Computers for the Blind (CFTB) was delivered to […]

‘Dogumentary’ Showcases Puppy Raisers

The King City Lions Club in Oregon welcomed a celebrity to one of their meetings: Potomac, a guide dog in training. Filmmakers were documenting his progress and the training of four other Labradors from Guide Dogs for the Blind, based in San Rafael, California. Potomac, lively and friendly, charmed the Lions, and the club declared […]

Executive Summary – Feb 2019

INTERNATIONAL BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING Ojai, California, USA October 14-17, 2018 AUDIT COMMITTEE The committee will continue to monitor and follow up on action plans. CONSTITUTION AND BY-LAWS COMMITTEE Reviewed a constitutional complaint filed by the Multiple District E (Venezuela) Council of Governors, challenging a decision of the International Board of Directors when it transferred […]

Diabetes: Lions Take on a Global Epidemic

  Diabetes: Lions Take on a Global Epidemic It’s an easy, 12-minute drive from Len Dompke’s suburban Chicago home to the local hospital. Yet, the first time Dompke made the drive, it was one of the hardest of his life. Making this drive meant recognizing and changing some unhealthy habits, which was not going to […]

Club News – Feb 2019

The final service the Tieton Lions in Washington performed before disbanding was to leave the Highland School District a legacy. The Lions donated an 8-by-12-foot American rollup flag to the school in honor of Harold and Pat Hambelton, longtime supporters of youth in the community. In Quebec, Canada, the Knowlton Lions contributed CA$3,000 from their […]

Voting Information

Voting at 2019 International Convention Voting for Executive Officers and International Directors Every Lions club in good standing can participate in the election of executive officers and international directors and can vote on amendments to the association’s bylaws by assigning delegates to represent the club at the international convention. At the International Convention certification and […]

Anniversaries – Feb 2019

100 Years: Okmulgee, Okla. 95 Years: St. John, Kan.; Christopher, Ill.; Utica, N.Y.; Ashland, Ky.; Biloxi, Miss.; Tampa Downtown, Fla.; Nevada, Mo.; Eugene Downtown, Ore.; Gunnison Valley, Utah; Harrison, Ark.; Venice Marina Lax, Calif. 90 Years: Junction City, Ore.; La Grange, Ga.; Greenwood, S.C.; Fremont, Ohio; Angola, Ind.; Walla Walla Downtown, Wa.; Mount Vernon, Wa.; […]

Parting Shot – Feb 2019

Cowboys, Rockstars, and Hippies, oh My! It wasn’t just the children who enjoyed the Jackson Lions’ annual Halloween parade in California, where more than 1,000 ghosts, goblins, super heroes, princesses and more joined in.

Children Express Love, Peace, and Harmony through Art

Every year the love for the Menlo Park Lions’ Valentine’s Day activity grows. This year, for the fifth February in a row, the Lions in New Jersey are hosting their Love, Peace and Harmony art contest, giving young artists the chance to show their skills and express their support for love and peace. More than […]

We Speak for the Trees

With more than 1.4 million members, Lions have a powerful voice. And around the world, Lions are using that voice to raise awareness about climate change and mobilize. In 2011, then International President Wing-Kun Tam challenged Lions to plant 1 million trees. They responded by planting 15 million in every inhabited continent and have continued […]

Planting Trees, Planting Hope

Hello, Lions! When I was a child I planted trees with my family at our summer cottage, and later my children did the same. My son wasn’t always happy about it, being out there, digging holes. He saw a whole lot of small trees that didn’t mean much to him. But now he’s all grown […]

See You Later Seaweed

See You Later Seaweed On Saturday, November 17, 2018, more than 100 Hawaiian Leos, Lions, and friends partnered with the Malama Maunalua non-profit to pull nearly 6,000 pounds of invasive alien algae from Maunalua Bay in east Oahu. The seaweed, called gorilla orgo, out-competes native algae and coral leading to shifts in the ecosystem and […]

By the Numbers – March 2019

“It’s only when we acknowledge the fact that we’re part of the environment that we can begin to discover what needs to change.” —Donald Pease, professor of American literature and Dr. Seuss biographer at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. “My life goes straight. Then it’s full of ups and downs but sooner or later, it’s […]

The Story Of A Pin

From the moment I received my first non-traditional Lions Club pin, I knew that one day I would want to design one of my own. My first pin was a gift from Lion Harry Grandel, a Claymont [Delaware] Lion with 60 years of service who loves collecting pins—and their stories. I promised him that if […]

LCI Forward Update

The world is hungry for good news. That’s why media-savvy Lions in Latin America and the Caribbean are putting their experience to work to tell the stories and elevate the Lions brand. Professional communicators partner to promote Lions. Lions in Latin America and the Caribbean realized that something was missing. We have incredible service stories […]

Among the Giants

Taller than Cinderella’s castle, wider than a city street, the Sequoias of California are among the largest trees in the world and more than 3,000 years old. Every year about 200,000 people stroll in their shadows at the Calaveras Big Trees State Park in California, and roughly 8,000 children visit with school groups to learn […]

What is a Tree Worth?

You love it for the shade it gives, the way the fall color matches your front door, the limb that perfectly supports your baby’s swing. but what is it really worth? Location: Suburban Chicago, Illinois Species: Swamp White Oak Tree condition: Good (Healthy) Trunk Diameter: 25 inches Sun exposure: Full sun Value: US$215 per year […]

Planting the Seed

LIONS INVEST IN THE FUTURE THROUGH EARLY EXPOSURE TO NATURE You don’t have to plant a forest to save the environment. Simply planting the seed for a love of nature in the younger generation may ensure they will grow to love and protect the natural world. NATURE IN EVERY NOOK Sarah Panganiban, the mother of […]

A Quiet Voice

In a poster he created for a literacy class assignment, Mark Barniville shared all about himself, just like the teacher wanted. It was one of those get-to-know-you types of activities for the beginning of the year. He drew a bike, because he liked riding bikes. He advertised his love for steak and pizza, and wrote […]

Making Reading A Breeze

Utah Lions give students a lift for reading Lofted by lusty winds with the majestic Rocky Mountains as a backdrop, an airborne parade of colorful kites fills the skies of Cedar City one day each April. Handed out to children, the nylon kites soar high. But the Lions of this city in Utah want the […]

International Women’s Day

How Lions Celebrate As part of the call to promote gender parity and increase the number of women in leadership positions, Lions Clubs International launched the New Voices Initiative, which is celebrating the contributions of outstanding women in its ranks. On March 8, 2019, Lions will be joining the global conversation about gender parity on […]

Lions Celebrate 20 Years of SightFirst in Madagascar

Cataracts are the number one cause of blindness. Moved to change the reality for those affected, more than 20 years ago, Lions in Madagascar started a SightFirst project to address the issue. Since then, the Lions have gone on to do so much more. “When we see the smiles of the people we help, it […]

Playtime Is Better Together!

In Tennessee, the Lions-Anthem Foundation Healthy Heroes initiative helped to fund and build the All-Inclusive Playground at the Karns Lions Club Community Park, in the spring of 2017. The playground serves more than 3,500 families each year and is the only one in all of Knox County that meets the accessibility requirements of the Americans […]

Club News – March 2019

The Simcoe Lynn Valley Lions in Canada contributed CAN$500 (US$379) to the Children’s Aid Society for their Foster Children’s Holiday Party. The club also sponsored three families, supplying them with food and gifts. In Michigan the Sandusky Lions dedicated a digital sign to the Sandusky City Library and donated a Lion’s drinking fountain for the […]

Voting at 2019 International Convention

Voting at 2019 International Convention Voting for Executive Officers and International Directors Every Lions club in good standing can participate in the election of executive officers and international directors and can vote on amendments to the association’s bylaws by assigning delegates to represent the club at the international convention. At the International Convention certification and […]

Anniversaries – March 2019

100 Years: Fort Smith Noon, Ark.; Hot Springs, Ark. 95 Years: Cottage Grove, Ore.; New Braunfels, Texas; Salina, Utah; Portsmouth, Ohio; Meadville, Pa.; Walnut Creek Host, Calif.; Mount Vernon, Iowa; West Palm Beach Wellington, Fla. 90 Years: Mt. Lebanon, Pa.; Hobart, Ind.; Broken Bow, Okla.; Alexandria, La.; Elkhart, Kan.; Snohomish, Wa.; Clifton, Texas; Celina, Ohio; […]

Free Fruit

The Ngongotaha Lions Club in New Zealand has given a barren roadside a whole new purpose. In 2016 the club donated more than 400 fruit and native trees to the Rotorua Ngongotaha Rail Park. Lion Ross Thompson, organizer of the event, said funding from the city council enabled them to add fruit trees to the […]

Showing up Big for Rhinos

The Mafikeng Lions care about rhinos. And they want the world to care, too. While they celebrate World Rhino Day every year, this year they tried something special. They partnered with the International School of South Africa and recruited 780 staff, students, and Lions and Leos of the Mafikeng club to come together on the […]

Hides Make Happy Campers

When deer hunting season begins each fall the Wisconsin Lions send out their message: We want your hide. The sale of deer hides is helping Lions send kids to summer camp. Through the bulk sale of hides donated by Wisconsin archery and gun sportsmen, Lions have raised more than US$1 million to support the 440-acre […]

Club News – April 2019

The Middletown Children First Lions Club in Virginia dedicated a Little Free Library in their town to honor Past International Director Wayne Davis, a Shawnee Lions Club member who died on October 19, 2018. His wife, Lion Marge Davis, a charter member of the Middletown Children First Lions Club, died shortly before him on September […]

By the Numbers – April 2019

“We want to make sure there is not one day that children go to sleep with hunger, and not one day that children go to school with an empty stomach.”—Past District Governor Ruth Chua, president of the Manila Amity Lions Club, in the Philippines. “With a child in a wheelchair, the other children will say […]

In the Wake of Flash Flood, New Club is Born

Battered by heavy rainfall, residents of the small town of Nawapur, in the Nandurbar District of Maharashtra, woke up to flash floods on August 16, 2018. The Rangavalli river overflowed and the local dam was breached, flooding 10 villages in the district. About 14 lives were lost and 462 homes damaged. Many had to flee […]

Women Lions Walk the Walk

Women Lions Walk the Walk The New Voices Initiative celebrates the extraordinary achievements of and contributions by women in Lions Clubs International. The following four women have been chosen by IP Yngvadottir for their significant accomplishments in the areas of service, growth, leadership, and marketing. As you celebrate these four women, consider the important role […]

Together, We Lead the Way

Hello, Lions! In the months leading up to my term as International President, I was often asked how I would do things differently as the first woman president of our organization. The question bothered me because I didn’t want to lead as a woman; I wanted to lead. Period. In Iceland women have been leading […]

Food for Thought

Food for Thought A Dade City, Florida resident leaves the Norma Godinez Education and Arts building with bags full of cereal, canned goods, and pasta. Dade City is home to a large population of farmworkers who work the fruit and vegetable fields that blanket the state’s interior. Farmworkers often work long hours picking food that […]

By the Numbers – May 2019

“I love it here. I could live here another 20 years. I love it.” —Lion Anny Cochrane, Bethel Lions Club, on living in Bethel, Alaska. “New members and diversity bring new, fresh ideas as well as provide those extra hands needed to accomplish more service projects.” — Lions Clubs International Third Vice President Brian Sheehan, […]

All Aboard the Løvebussen

About 30 years ago, Lions Club Sørfold in northern Norway built a “play-bus” for the local kindergarten. As the weather in the region can be harsh, the bus began to look worn. The Sorfold Lions decided it was time to build a new bus for the children. Ten members of the 19-member club spent more […]

Women Are Changing Lions

A growing number of women are taking the lead and Lions’ service has never been stronger In 1987, Lions Clubs International voted to allow women to join the Lions family. And join they did. Today, women are the fastest growing segment of Lions, with more than 425,000 women serving around the world. In Latin America, […]

The Invisibles

A cast of characters deep in Florida’s interior help the unseen to see. “ I struggle with what God wants me to do. Feed the hungry? Clothe the naked? Visit the imprisoned? Is that everybody or only U.S. citizens? ” – Lion Margarita Romo, Dade City Hispanic American Club. Past District Governor Shirley LePage zips […]

A Leo Saved My Life

Neither one of them was supposed to be there that night. Bowling with friends, Garrett Towe, 17, was standing in his lane when he noticed a loud commotion two lanes over. A middle-aged man had collapsed. His body was shaking, and he threw up. “Does anybody know CPR?” someone shouted. The irony of it all […]

LCIF Eases a Heavy Burden in Tanzania

Imagine trekking across the savannah with your child in the blistering sun to collect water for drinking, cooking, bathing, and farming. For you, the three-mile journey is grueling, but standard practice. For your 5-year-old daughter, it’s an exhausting trip that brings sweat to her tiny forehead and introduces the challenges of living in a water-stressed […]

Convention Call

In compliance with Article VI, Section 2 of the International By-Laws, I hereby issue the Official Call for the 2019 International Convention. Our 102nd International Convention will be held in Milan, Italy. It begins at 10 a.m. July 5 and ends July 9. The purpose of the convention is to elect a president, first vice […]

Official Notice 2019 International Convention, Milan, Italy

The following proposed amendments to the International Constitution will be reported to the delegates for vote at the 2019 International Convention. ITEM 1: A RESOLUTION TO ADD A NEW CONSTITUTIONAL AREA OF AFRICA AND TO ADD REPRESENTATION OF ONE NEW INTERNATIONAL DIRECTOR TO THE NEW CONSTITUTIONAL AREA OF AFRICA IN EVEN-NUMBERED YEARS; RENAME THE CONSTITUTIONAL […]

Candidates For Third Vice President

Salim Moussan Salim Moussan of Beirut, Lebanon, is a retired businessman and member of Beirut St. Gabriel Lions Club. An international director from 1997 to 1999, he has twice been a board appointee, twice a group leader, and has chaired several leadership forums. He is fluent in three languages, has visited 96 countries, and has […]

Club News – May 2019

The Hot Springs Village Evening Lions in Arkansas celebrated their 45th anniversary and decided to improve their efforts to collect eyeglasses. They designed two eye-catching drop boxes that give community members an easy opportunity to donate to the cause. David “Bud” Davis Jr., a Lion for 66 years and the last remaining charter member of […]