Celebrate the Art of Service in Milan

Hello, Lions! When I think of Italy I think of great food, beautiful landscapes, and a rich diversity of friendly people. This year, Italian Lions—more than 1,300 clubs and 40,000 members strong—are opening their doors to the global Lion community in July, and I hope you will consider joining me there. Milan, in particular, has […]

Planting Trees, Planting Hope

Hello, Lions! When I was a child I planted trees with my family at our summer cottage, and later my children did the same. My son wasn’t always happy about it, being out there, digging holes. He saw a whole lot of small trees that didn’t mean much to him. But now he’s all grown […]

Together, We Lead the Way

Hello, Lions! In the months leading up to my term as International President, I was often asked how I would do things differently as the first woman president of our organization. The question bothered me because I didn’t want to lead as a woman; I wanted to lead. Period. In Iceland women have been leading […]

Partnerships Ensure Your Work Continues

Hello, Lions! When I think of the power of partnerships, I think of the task of raising a family. I remember how difficult it was at times to balance the care and nurturing of my children with the demands of school and work life. On those nights I needed to work, my husband was there […]

Let All Our Lights Brighten the Darkness

Greetings Lions! It is my great pleasure to address the Lion community for the first time as your International President. As we enter a new Lion year I have high hopes for us. My focus during my presidency is on fostering diversity in service. After all, there are more than 1.4 million Lions around the […]

To Lead, We Must First Ask How We Can Serve

Greetings Lions! “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” Have you heard this saying? This is supposed to speak to the limits of persuading people to do things that may be good for them. But I see this differently. I say, maybe the horse wasn’t thirsty. Maybe the horse […]

Lions Can Fill the Gaps

 Greetings, Lions. Regardless of where you live, the change of the seasons comes with certain rituals. For many of us, those rituals involve food. Whether it’s the smell of your grandmother’s soup or your neighbor’s hot dogs on the grill, the smells of the season fill you with warm memories. But that may not be […]

Kindness Brings Warmth to the Giver and Receiver

Greetings, Lions. What is kindness? It is all the things Lions do: It’s serving. In our communities and beyond. But kindness is one of those words that can get overused, and the real meaning sometimes becomes lost. Kindness is any act that makes life better for any living thing, even for just a moment. Isn’t […]

We’re Different, We’re the Same

Greetings, Lions. We talk a lot about serving our community as Lions. Service is best when it is personal and close to home, and when it enriches our relationship with our neighbors. But now, as the world becomes smaller, the space between our communities grows smaller, too. Sometimes we focus on how different another culture […]

Leave No One Behind

One of my favorite aspects of being a Lion is the camaraderie I feel with my fellow Lions. I feel protective of them in some ways, and proud in every way. I am especially proud of our women Lions, who have long been a force in our clubs. More than 30 percent of our members […]

Build a Strong Foundation for a Strong Future

Hello, Lions! When building a home, the most important first step is to have a strong foundation that can support the rooms, furniture, and lives that will rest upon it. In serving, it’s equally important to have a solid foundation to support the work we do. Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) is that support. It […]

In Times of Darkness, Be the Light

Sometimes, it’s hard to find our way. In the dawn of 2020, our world has been thrust into a great trial. The past few months have seen countries – including my own – tested to their limits. Many people are facing new realities that challenge their ability to make ends meet and provide enough food […]

United in Kindness and Diversity

Greetings Lions, Serving as your International President for the past year has been an honor of a lifetime. Never have I been more humbled and more moved than by the compassion and hard work I saw from Lions every day. Now, in the face of the unique challenges the world is facing, I have been […]

Service Is Still Joy

Greetings Lions, In my role as your International President I have been very busy trying to be the best representation of you that I can possibly be. In the day-to-day I am often absorbed with the details of my schedule – who I’m talking to, what we are discussing, how our efforts can strengthen Lions. […]

See the Possibilities

Greetings Lions, Creating a successful club is similar to growing any business. You begin by outlining a mission, creating a plan, and putting that plan into action. It takes hard work, but when you succeed, you can step back and see the beauty in what you built. When Lions ask me what is the key […]

You Make The Difference

Greetings, Lions. We often talk about the power of Lions working together in service. As an association of more than 48,000 clubs and 1.4 million members, Lions have the opportunity to make a big impact in the world. In Lion year 2019-2020, our clubs performed more than 820,000 service projects, helping 319 million people. And […]

We Make the Constellations

Greetings Lions, People are natural storytellers. Consider the constellations. Nearly every culture in recorded history has made a story out of the stars. These stories enabled our ancestors to use the night sky to navigate, pass on oral histories, and to make sense of their world. This is still how we use stories today. Lions […]

We Can Overcome

Greetings, Lions. The past year has been one marked by struggle. The struggle to stay healthy; the struggle to serve those in need; the struggle to maintain some sense of who we are in the face of such unprecedented circumstances. But a new year lies ahead. And with that, a renewed sense of purpose and […]

Service Is Love

Greetings, Lions. Over the years I have had the great honor and blessing of a loving family. But I’ve also found love in unexpected places. I’ve seen it in the eyes of an orphan as he played sports on a sunny afternoon. I’ve felt it in the warm hands of an elderly woman thanking me […]

Feel the Energy

Greetings Lions, In Busan, March is the time of year when everything starts to warm up a little. Animals come out of their dens, birds venture further from their nests, and people begin strolling around the streets, enjoying the reprieve from a long winter. There is an energy in the air as everything begins to […]

Be the River

Greetings Lions, How does a stream become a river? It begins as a trickle of snow melt at the top of a mountain and flows downward, picking up more water as it runs, joining other streams. It wears away rock and soil as it flows, carving a path and shaping the landscape until one day […]

Lessons from the Pandemic

Greetings Lions, Out of all the diverse talents Lions possess, one in particular seems to be consistent across clubs and constitutional areas: the ability to turn difficult situations into opportunities. Now that we are well into 2021, more than a year since the first lockdowns began, many clubs have adjusted to a new normal. The […]

Showing Up

Greetings Lions, The two years that I have had the great honor of serving as your international president have been some of the most memorable and meaningful of my life. It’s inevitable that one goes into this role with a set of expectations about how it will be, but I can surely say that my […]

The Secret of Service

Dear Lions, For my first message to you in LION Magazine, I want to talk about the small things. When Lions Clubs International was started more than 100 years ago, it was founded on the idea that those who can help, should. It was that simple. I grew up with those same values. I was […]

Give the Gift of Belonging

Dear Lions, We often talk about the power of working together. We know we are stronger as a club than as individuals. When I became a Lion, I knew I was joining something bigger than myself. I felt honored and excited. I felt like it was the natural extension of my life’s work. It gave […]